ZAJ Kolloquium

24.10.2019 - Prof. Dr. Barbara M. Bakker (Systems Medicine of Metabolism and Signaling, University Medical Centre Groningen)

Modelling for young and old: Tackling the Complexity of Fatty Acid Oxidation in Metabolic Disease


22.08.2019 - Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner (RWTH Aachen)

DNA Methylation Changes in Aging and Replicative Senescence


18.07.2019 - Prof. Dr. Ingrid Grummt (DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany)

Long-noncoding RNAs - versatile regulators of gene expression


11.04.2019 - Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl (Heidelberg University, Institute of Psychology, Network Aging Research (NAR))

Beyond Chrono Age: Why Subjective Aging and Attitudes toward Aging Deserve Consideration


02.11.2017 - Prof. Dr. Clemens Tesch-Roemer (German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin)

Successful Aging: Empty Promises of a Seductive Concept?


15.06.2017 - Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hofbauer (University Center for Healthy Aging, Dresden)

New Therapies for Old Bone