Conception and realization of architectural and technical solution for age-appropriate living

altersgerecht wohnen

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In the year 2020 almost 30 % of the total population of Germany will be 65 years or older and shape demand on the housing market by more than a quarter with their specific requirements. But age-sensitive living environs shouldn’t be confused with assisted-living arrangements. In the future, the clearly growing group of older, active people will request other, versatile living and occupational models. Therefore, it is time to have a serious discussion about the complex needs of an aging society and view individual approaches as part of a master concept, which also considers the needs of young and middle aged members of society.


At the moment, the majority of apartments is neither age-appropriate nor set-up for an age-appropriate remodel. The decreased social interaction of older people leads to loneliness and reduced cognitive abilities and thus to a substantial impairment of objective and subjective health. For the vision of a long, self-determined, mature, healthy and active life style in a “generation-sensible” context are several measures of importance: accommodation or living environment, respectively; apartment; building elements and product dimension including technical systems and environments.


The research focus “Conception and realization of architectural and technical solution for age-appropriate living” will develop conceptual solutions and realize them in the architectural dimension.