Aging Meetings Kalender

The Aging Meeting Calendar attempts to provide an overview of upcoming and past meetings on aging research.

If we missed to include an Aging Meeting please inform us at

Year Month Day(s) Meeting Place Country
2026 Nov 04-08 GSA 2026 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link National Harbour, MD USA
2025 Nov 12-16 GSA 2025 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Boston, MA USA
2024 Nov 13-17 GSA 2024 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Seattle, WA USA
2024 Sep 25-27 12th GSCN Annual Meeting Jena GER
2024 Sep 05-12 EMBO/FEBS Lecture Course - Molecular mechanisms of ageing and regeneration: From hydra to humansExternal link Spetses GRC
2024 June 10-15 Post-transcriptional regulation in ageing and age-related diseasesExternal link Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi IND
2024 June 02-05 American Aging Association Annual MeetingExternal link Madison, WI USA
2024 May 21-24 EMBO Workshop - Microglia in health and diseaseExternal link Genoa ITA
2024 May 09-17 FEBS Advanced Lecture Course - Molecular mechanisms of interorgan crosstalk in health and diseaseExternal link Spetses GRC
2024 May 08-09 Longevity Med SummitExternal link Lisbon POR
2024 Apr 23-26 EMBO Workshop - Chromatin Biology in cancerExternal link Singapore SGP
2024 Apr 09-12 EMBO Workshop - Developemental circuits in agingExternal link Nice FRA
2024 Feb 19-23 EMBO Workshop - Evolution and diversity of the DNA damage responseExternal link Lonavala IND
2023 Dec 07 Bay Area Aging MeetingExternal link Stanford, CA USA
2023 Dec 05-06 The Longevity Summit 2023External link Novato, CA USA
2023 Dec 04  Biomarkers of Aging SymposiumExternal link Novato, CA USA
2023 Nov 08-12 GSA 2023 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Tampa, FL USA
2023 Oct 23-24 NYSCF ConferenceExternal link New York, NY USA
2023 Oct 18-21 Organoids: modelling organ development and disease in 3D cultureExternal link Hybrid; Heidelberg GER
2023 Oct 11-14 4th Interventions in Aging ConferenceExternal link Dubrovnik CRO
2023 Oct 11-12 Longitudinal Cohorts in healthy ageing and disease preventionExternal link Mainz GER
2023 Oct 01-04 Immunity and AgingExternal link Whistler CAN
2023 Sep 28-30 Groningen-Jena Aging Meeting (GJAM)External link Groningen NL
2023 Sep 14-15 Systems Immunology in Aging and Complex DiseasesExternal link Hybrid; Farmington, CT USA
2023 Sep 13-15 11th GSCN Annual MeetingExternal link Ulm GER
2023 July 02-07 Biology of Aging - Gordon Research ConferenceExternal link Castelldefels ESP
2023 Mar 27-30 American Society on Aging (ASA) - Aging in America Conference 2023 Atlanta, GA USA
2022 Nov 21-25 Comparative Biology of AgingExternal link Roscoff FRA
2022 Nov 02-06 GSA 2022 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Indianapolis, IN USA
2022 Oct 10-14 EMBO Workshop - The DNA damage response, immunity and agingExternal link Singapore SX
2022 Sep/Oct 27-01 Mechanisms of AgingExternal link Cold Spring Harbor, NY USA
2022 Sep 20-23 Restore, Reorganise, Repurpose: The many faces of DNA repairExternal link Mainz GER
2022 Sep 19-20 3rd German p53 WorkshopExternal link Jena GER
2022 Sep 16-17 2nd RESETageing ConferenceExternal link Newcastle UK
2022 Sep 07-09 Gutenberg Workshop in the Life Sciences: Stem cell systems in development, disease and regenerationExternal link Mainz GER
2022 Aug 25-26 World Congress on Stem cell and Cancer TherapyExternal link Zagreb CRO
2022 July 14-17 The 2nd European Conference on Aging & Gerontology (EGen 2022)External link Hybrid; London UK
2022 July 14-17 Metabolism, Aging, Pathogenesis, and Stress in C. elegansExternal link Madison, WI USA
2022 July 04-07 2nd FEBS Workshop "Ageing and Regeneration"External link Mutters AUT
2022 June/July 28-01 Epigenetics of Ageing: Responses to adversity across scalesExternal link Mainz GER
2022 June 26-30 FASEB conference - The NAD+ Metabolism and Signaling ConferenceExternal link Steamboat, CO USA
2022 June 23-24 Annual Meeting of the German Society for Aging ResearchExternal link Cologne GER
2022 June 20-23 EACR 2022 Innovative Cancer ScienceExternal link Seville ESP
2022 June 08-10 Epigenetics in the nervous system: development and diseaseExternal link Hybrid; Berlin GER
2022 June 05-09 FASEB conference - The Reproductive Aging ConferenceExternal link Palm Springs, CA USA
2022 June 05-09 Keystone Symposium: Neurodegeneration: The Biological Pathways Driving the Future of Therapeutic DevelopmentExternal link

Keystone, CO


2022 May/June 29-03 Systems AgingExternal link Newry, ME USA
2022 May 27-30 Developmental circuits in agingExternal link Heraklion GRE
2022 May 26-28 Undoing Aging 2022External link Berlin GER
2022 May 25-27 Healthy AgeingExternal link Hinxton UK
2022 May 17-20 The American Aging Association AGE 50th Annual MeetingExternal link San Antonio, TX USA
2022 May 12-14 American Geriatrics Society (AGS) 2022 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Orlando, FL USA
2022 May 09-11 Molecular, Cellular and Organismal Drivers of AgingExternal link Madrid ESP
2022 Apr 26-27 Longevity Leaders World CongressExternal link London UK
2022 Apr 26-30 CSHL - Protein Homoestasis in Health and DiseaseExternal link Cold Spring Harbor, NY USA
2022 Apr 11-14 American Society on Aging (ASA) - Aging in America Conference 2022External link New Orleans, LA USA
2022 Apr 06-09 DGDR-Krupp 2022 Symposium on DNA Repair and Human DiseaseExternal link Jena GER
2022 Mar 29-31 The 8th Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology - AGen 2022External link Tokyo JPN
2022 Mar 27-30 Keystone Symposium: Mitochondrial Biochemistry in Health and DiseaseExternal link Hybrid; Breckenridge, CO USA
2022 Mar 27-30 Keystone Symposium: Cancer: Aging in the driver's seatExternal link Snowbird, UT USA
2022 Mar 15-20 AD/PD 2022 - International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and related neurological disordersExternal link Hybrid; Barcelona ESP
2022 Feb 16 Healthy Aging: Brain Control of Longevity and MetabolismExternal link Online  
2022 Feb 07-08 Targeting Molecular Mechanisms of AgingExternal link New York, NY USA
2021 Dec 06-07 2021 Aging and Health Informatics Conference (AHIC)External link Online  
2021 Nov 10-13 GSA 2021 Annual Scientific MeetingExternal link Online  
2021 Oct 20-23 GJAM - Groningen-Jena Aging MeetingExternal link Hybrid, Jena GER
2021 Oct 19-21 4th Interventions in Aging Virtual ConferenceExternal link Online  
2021 Oct 06-08 9th GSCN Annual MeetingExternal link Dresden GER
2021 Sep 06-10 Molecular mechanisms of ageing and regeneration: From hydra to humansExternal link Online  
2021 Sep 03-05 Ageing-MeetingExternal link Halle/Saale GER
2021 Sep 02-04 Deutscher Gerontologie und Geriatrie Kongress 2021External link Online  
2021 Aug/Sep 30-03 ARDD 2021 - The 8th Aging Research & Drug Discovery MeetingExternal link Hybrid, Copenhagen DEN
2021 Apr 06-09 American Society on Aging (ASA) - Aging in America Conference 2021 San Diego, CA USA
2021 Feb 10-11 Technologies for Active and Independent Living in Old AgeExternal link Online