Researcher draws up liquid in a syringe

Research Areas

Researcher draws up liquid in a syringe
Image: Anna Schroll / Universitätsklinikum Jena

The Zentrum für Alternsforschung Jena (ZAJ) has set itself the goal to link partners from different research areas to identify together the biological causes of aging, to develop new approaches to prevention and therapy, to explore the effects of demographic change, and develop strategies that allow societies to deal with the resulting societal shifts in a way that ameliorates negative effects and takes advantage of positive opportunities.

The question of the implications of healthy aging and how to age healthily will not be addressed solely from a biomedical perspective. Answers to the complex challenges arising from an aging population are pursued on several levels:

Research areas in the ZAJ

Scientist in the lab
Molecular Causes of Aging
The function of adult stem cells declines with age. Fundamental knowledge of the causes creates the basis for the development of new therapies that improve health in old age.